Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Application for SEO Specialist position in Acquire Asia Pacific

Hi I'm Otep from Quezon City, Philippines, a freelance SEO Specialist writing my intention and interest to be an SEO Specialist in Acquire Asia Pacific company. I have office and home-based work experience as SEO Specialist. Kindly please check my LinkedIn Profile for details.

Why I'm blogging my job application for SEO Specialist position in Acquire Asia Pacific?

 If I remember correctly, I saw a job post in JobStreet Philippines that Acquire Asia Pacific Philippines is looking for SEO Specialist, I got interested in the job post and bookmarked it, unfortunately, when I checked the job post again, I think it was already expired or maybe someone got the position. 

Today is June 15, 2014 and I start writing this blog at 10:31PM. So why Joseph you're writing this? Well, one reason is in case there's a new job opening for SEO Specialist position in Acquire Asia Pacific Philippines, I'm stating my intention to work Acquire Asia Pacific. In case someone in HR department will be able read this blog, please hire me LOL! Seriously, yes I'm interested to work on AcquireAP.

Another reason is I want to rank this blog in branded keyword "Acquire Asia Pacific" and be able to be placed it in Page 1 and top 3. Well let's see if I can rank the target keyword.

Also another reason this is a challenge on my part because it's my first time to do this type of job application -  ranking a specific keyword and rank it and hoping company will noticed or read this blog. So, in case I  don't get a job in Acquire Asia Pacific Philippines, at least I tried and learn something new and accept the challenge.

As I checked the branded keyword "Acquire Asia Pacific", here's data I got:

Acquire Asia Pacific competition

The keyword is low competition according to the tools I used with 2,400 monthly search ( Wow! cool stats for branded keyword ), those websites in page 1 are Acquire Asia Pacific website itself and some company profile account on popular website ( Facebook, LinkedIn, JobStreet and etc ). So let's see If I can put this blog in Page 1. As I checked the search results in Google, it displayed in a 9.4 million plus results. Whew!

I don't know if someone will give a call. In case you're in the hiring team and want to contact me, here's my contacts details:

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